5 Horrifying Statues Nobody Wants In Their City


Statues are often erected as a way to honor historical figures, celebrate cultural heritage, or simply add beauty to a city’s landscape. However, there are some statues that are so bizarre or unsettling that nobody wants them in their city. In this blog post, we will explore five horrifying statues that have become infamous for all the wrong reasons.

1. The Crying Boy Statue

The Crying Boy Statue, also known as “La Llorona,” is a haunting sculpture that depicts a young boy with tears streaming down his face. Legend has it that anyone who touches the statue will be cursed with eternal sadness. This statue has been the subject of numerous urban legends and ghost stories, making it an unwelcome addition to any city.

2. The Spider Baby Statue

Imagine walking through a park and stumbling upon a statue of a baby with the body of a spider. This nightmarish sculpture, known as the Spider Baby Statue, is enough to give anyone arachnophobia. Its eerie presence and unsettling design make it a statue that nobody wants in their city.

3. The Smiling Clown Statue

Clowns are already a source of fear for many people, but the Smiling Clown Statue takes it to a whole new level. This statue depicts a clown with an unnaturally wide grin and piercing eyes. It has become a symbol of terror and is often associated with haunted houses and horror movies. Needless to say, this is one statue that no city wants to showcase.

4. The Twisted Angel Statue

Angels are typically seen as symbols of peace and protection, but the Twisted Angel Statue turns this notion on its head. This disturbing sculpture portrays an angel with contorted limbs and a twisted expression. It has been described as a representation of fallen angels or demonic entities, making it an unwelcome addition to any city’s public art collection.

5. The Zombie Statue

Zombies have become a popular theme in movies, TV shows, and Halloween decorations, but having a realistic zombie statue in your city is a different story. The Zombie Statue depicts a decaying corpse with rotting flesh and vacant eyes. Its gruesome appearance is enough to give anyone nightmares, making it a statue that nobody wants in their city.


While statues can be a wonderful addition to a city’s landscape, there are some that are simply too horrifying to be welcomed. The Crying Boy Statue, Spider Baby Statue, Smiling Clown Statue, Twisted Angel Statue, and Zombie Statue are all examples of sculptures that nobody wants in their city. Whether due to their unsettling designs or the legends and stories surrounding them, these statues have earned their reputation as horrifying works of art.

It’s safe to say that these statues will continue to be avoided by cities and their residents, as they are more likely to induce fear than admiration. Perhaps it’s best to stick with statues that inspire awe and beauty, rather than nightmares.

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